The Greeneville Education Association (GEA) is a local organization representing the teachers and paraprofessional employees of the Greeneville City School System in Greeneville, Tennessee.  Follow us on Twitter @GEAinTN and like us on Facebook @370512858999.

Important Membership information: Next year, paper membership forms will be legal size to accommodate credit card information for those wishing to sign up via credit card. Members using a paper membership form will have 12 eft drafts per year, everyone else will have 8 (October-May), until the next year, when they will be 12 for ALL members. For information on TEA virtual trainings click on the TEA offerings link on the top right of this page.

Look for the latest issue of the TEA Public School Advocate in your mailbox on or after May 13, 2021. This issue includes important summaries of the bills that passed and were defeated in the Tennessee General Assembly, and what they mean for educators, students and schools. Remember to hang the poster on pages 4-5 in the break room at your school.